Frequently questions


What are the arrival and departure times for the ponds?

Reservation arrival times begin at 11:00 a.m., and all departures are set for 11:00 a.m. as well.

Please contact us a few days before your arrival to get the access codes for the ponds.
Either through the contact form on our website or or message us on our Facebook page.

How to access the pond or fishing spot on the day of the reservation?

Please contact us 2 days before your fishing trip to receive the lock code to access the ponds or your post.

Are motorboats allowed?

Yes, but not on all of the ponds.
On certain gravel pits, small electric boats and RC bait boats are allowed.
This information can be found in each pond’s “Info & Payment” page.

Do the ponds have cabins, toilets, and electricity?

Most of our ponds have everyday facilities: cabin, composting toilets, lighting or electric sockets, and even a barbecue grill!
The list of equipment is on the sheet for each pond.

What is the maximum recommended number of people?

Everything depends on the surface area of the gravel pit and the number of fishing spots.
We recommend certain ponds for groups of two to three, while others can go up to six.

Are our animal friends accepted?

Of course ! Your companions are welcome to join you at the pond for your fishing sessions.

We would like to enjoy what the region has to offer. How far is it to the lakes in the Parc Régional de la Forêt d'Orient?

The lakes are located 20 km north of our ponds—about a 20-minute drive.
The park offers a variety of activities all year round to boost your holiday experience.

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