Homar Lake 7 hectare fishing pond at Rumilly-lès-Vaudes, Aube (10)

This seven-hectare pond rents exclusively by the week, from Saturday to Saturday.

A chalet and toilets complement the beauty of the water stocked with approximately 350 fish, including carp, grass carp, and koi.
Due to the crayfish, several fish weigh over 25kg – with the record catch at 33kg.

We recommend Homer Lake for a group of four.


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Complete rental of the water body.

  • Complete rental of the water body,
  • Weekly rental only,
  • Area: 7ha,
  • Average fish weight: 17kg,
  • Mirror record: 31,5kg,
  • Town record: 32kg,
  • Carp record : 33kg.

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