Nearby services

All useful services near our gravel pits.

To enjoy the ponds


Avenir Pêche

For all your materials and equipments

Drinkable water

In the cemetery of Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes


In the cemetery of Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes

Glass dumpsters

At Rumilly village

Le Scorpion

Bar – Hotel – Restaurant

Open Tuesday to Saturday, 8:30 am. to 11:30 am. and 6 pm. to 7 pm.

For the fishermen present on our gravel pits, have all the conveniences at 2 steps from the ponds.

Prices :

  • 2.70€ / shower,
  • 0.70€ / battery charging,
  • 0.5€ / ice water bottle.
Bar hotel restaurant "Le Scorpion" at Saint-Parres-lès-Vaudes (10)

In the village

Shops & services

To eat during your stay or access useful services.


Pharmacy, optician, podiatrist or veterinary clinic.


Bakery, butcher, Carrefour contact (with ice cube bags)


Chip shop, kebab, pizzeria.