Paradise Lake 1.6-hectare fishing pond at Rumilly-lès-Vaudes, Aube (10)

Paradise Lake is our most charming gravel pit!
Located two kilometres away from the rest of the ponds, this 1.6-hectare body of water can be rented exclusively for a minimum of 48 hours.

Fully equipped fishing pond: a chalet with a covered terrace, very clean and entirely clad in OSB, with table, chairs and barbecue and has toilets.
Paradise Lake is very quiet and perfect for a group of two to three people fishing (to maintain a nice quality of activity).

This pond contains approximately 180 carp (up to 23 kg), several magnificent koi, and four Mandarin catfish.

Bring a 12 V battery to light the inside and outside LEDs.

Price: 180€ / 48h
60€ / extra night
Price indicated for the full rental of the water body

  • Area: 1.6ha
  • Average depth: 2,2m
  • Average fish weight: 13kg
  • Mirror record: 22kg
  • Town record: 23kg

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